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Rates & Policies

In order to receive the maximum benefit from the practice of this yoga, it is essential to take a minimum of 10 classes in a month - our lesson packages are created based on this understanding.
Single Session10

Single Class

Drop-in Rate

$15/per session

Valid for 30 Days/1 month

$13/per session

Valid for 90 Days/3 months

$11/per session

Valid for 180 Days/6 months

$5 Up-Charge for 2-Minute Shower
(per session)
$5 Up-Charge for 2-Minute Shower
(per session)
$5 Up-Charge for 2-Minute Shower
(per session)
$5 Up-Charge for 2-Minute Shower
(per session)
All Classes must be paid prior to participation.
Student pricing: 10% off single class and 10 class card only.
Available to fulltime currently enrolled students under 25 years old with current ID.
Half-Moon Rate (Children Under 12) $10 per session, and must be accompanied by parent/guardian.
All packages are non-refundable AND non-transferable.
Please consider your availability to practice yoga before making your purchase.

Freezing “Temporary Holding” or extending Membership Expiration Dates
A membership or class package expiration date may be adjusted only for medical reasons. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the studio manager at the time of injury or illness. A statement of injury or illness must be documented in writing by a physician before any adjustment to the membership is made. Please note the validation period of packages and unlimited memberships above. Those expiration dates may only be extended due to sickness or if injury prevents you from coming to class. Memberships and class packages may not be extended to accommodate vacation/travel dates.