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Yoga Instruction in Cranston, Rhode Island

Yoga Concepts provides yoga instruction to students in Cranston, Rhode Island. To truly appreciate the practice of yoga, you may want to know more about the art, and the instructors.


The founder of Bikram Yoga, Bikram Choudhury, has been practicing Yoga since he was five years old. Born in Calcutta, India, he began studying with Bishnu Ghosh, one of the greatest physical culturists of our time and founder of the Ghosh's College of Physical Culture in India, which gained him international recognition. He was the brother of Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles.

At the age of twelve, Bikram became the youngest contestant ever to win the National India Yoga Competition. Winner of the competition three years consecutively, in his fourth year he was asked to withdraw from the competition and give a demonstration instead to allow others to compete. In less than 30 minutes, Bikram executed over 500 postures to physical perfection, Swami Shivananda declared him, "Yogi Raj" (King of the Yogis) and "the best Yogi of the twentieth century." Bikram is Ghosh's primary U.S. disciple.


Mary Ann brings more than 32 years of practical and teaching experience in the Bikram Method to her role as Director and owner of Yoga Concepts at Bikram's Yoga College of India of Rhode Island. Subsequent to heart surgery in 1973, Mary Ann was introduced to the Bikram Method that enabled her to recover from the physical disabilities caused by her heart defect and corrective surgery, as well as maintain wellness. Through her own experience, she has devoted her life to the practice and teaching of this extraordinary system of Yoga.

Mary Ann has taught several professional athletes, has been featured in the Providence Journal Health Section, and on several occasions has appeared on the news on Channel 6 and Channel 36 (Healthcare Directions) in Providence, Rhode Island.

It has been an honor for Mary Ann to assist Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury and other Senior Bikram Yoga Teachers with workshops and seminars since 1992 at the Kripalu Center, Omega Institute, the Los Angeles Headquarters and throughout the United States and Canada.


Donna has been teaching and practicing the Bikram Method of Hatha Yoga for more than 32 years. She is the co-director and co-owner at Yoga Concepts in Cranston. Together, Mary Ann and Donna continue to lead the way in the Strict Method of Bikram Yoga in the Northeast.
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