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No matter the style of yoga class here are some tips for having a great class.

Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated has a number of benefits beyond yoga but being adequately hydrated is especially important for hot yoga classes.

Do not eat for at least three hours prior to class.

Even a beginning student will bend and move around in ways that will be uncomfortable on a full stomach.

Arrive 15 minutes before the start of class.

This will allow you to get comfortable and fill out any paperwork if you are a new student. An additional benefit is that this time will also allow you to start letting going of the normal stress of life.

Wear light, comfortable, fitted exercise clothing.

Women should wear leotards with tights or shorts and tank top or jog bra. Men should wear shorts or a bathing suit with support.

Inform the instructor of any injuries.

This will allow the instructor to provide guidance on poses that might be beneficial or offer alternative poses to compensate for any limitations you may have in range of motion. Not doing so may result in frustration on the part of the student or worse injury.

Every student and every class is unique.

There will be poses that come easier to you and there will be days when your practice is better than others be willing to accept this and just try your very best.

Practice on a consistent basis.

The maximum benefit is obtained by consistent practice. Most students find their poses and sense of well being progresses quickly if they are able to practice at least three to four times per week.